Road construction and development

roadconstruction_bonaireWith road construction we do not just build roads. We provide the foundation and preparation for the building and living in an environment by constructing the infrastructure above-the-ground as well as underground.

Every project needs a solid and specific foundation, depending on the soil type. Our geotechnical experts determine the soil type and the foundation needed for your project.

BWM’s asphalt is the icing on the cake. With years of experience and the highest standards in asphalt quality, we guarantee a perfect result.

Recent projects include:
– Renovation of Bonaire’s Main Roads;
– Renovation of Other Roads Including Kaminda Djabou,Kaya Tintorero, Kaya Navajos/Cheyenne;
– Real Estate Development Plan El Pueblo;
– Real Estate Development Plan Bona Vista;
– Infrastructure for Social Housing Plan Nieuw Amsterdam.