Celebration of 50 years Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij

cheque_BWM_50yearsOn 23 November 2013 BWM celebrated its 50th anniversary in the beautiful Manor ‘Wanapa’ near Sorobon. All personnel together with 160 business relations commemorated this joyous occasion. As a token of its 50th anniversary BWM handed a symbolic check to Fundashon Flor di Orkidia to help solve the water problems in their building.

BBQ Pit at Little Bonaire










In March 2014 the employees of BWM have rolled up their sleeves and together with Stinapa, they have built 2 BBQ pits at Little Bonaire. The old BBQ pit had become antiquated and was not really usable anymore. Besides building the BBQ pits, BWM also sponsored the build.

BWM Travel Club Ban Wak Mas Went To the Dominican Republic

In December 2012 a group of BWM employees have made a trip with their family members to the Dominican Republic. The funds for this trip were collected by the travelers themselves by organizing carwashes and cook-outs the year prior to their trip. The goal to see more of the world and to get to know each other better has been reached. BWM is currently planning to make a new trip.