Wilhelmina and Oranjeplein


Year of Delivery

Project name
Wilhelmina and Oranjeplein

Public Authority of Bonaire, Management Area & Development

Project description
Creating a pleasurable public space is also part of BWM’s portfolio.
The Wilhelmina and Oranjeplein are probably the most iconic and remarkable public places in Kralendijk’s Center and it is regularly used for public events and was therefore in need of an upgrade. It is also the square where during the tourist season the market takes place and the locals present their souvenirs.

Together with the local government and an aesthetic architectural bureau BWM has renovated the Wilhelmina and Oranjeplein and fully accommodated the squares with new paving and new street furniture:

All old paving, dead and sick trees, and all old street furniture were removed. New foundation layer and paving layer was laid, including drainage. BWM also added new tiles of different sizes and colors and moved two monuments to a more suitable spot. New furniture was carefully placed for optimal use. The square is now in full use and visited daily by locals of all ages as well as tourists.